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Established in Ankara, provides services in construction industry foremost airport constructions,electricity electronics engineering and general purpose constructions & contracting as well. Our goal is to have sustainable preference in the construction sector among similar establishments

Company FoundedFirst Product ProducedFirst product Sold to AbroadOur brand createdAmnufactured in Turkey

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At our core are a range of products that replicate the stimuli that fire detection systems are designed to detect, thereby testing them safely to ensure they are triggered in the event of an incident.

These award-winning products have set the standard for the testing of fire detection systems and are recognised as market leaders world-wide.

Our products are in use all over the world, helping protect many thousands of sites across a vast range of environments.

They are distributed in over 120 countries, to customers ranging from specialist fire distributors to fire maintenance companies and ‘end user’ commercial property owners.

Özellikle kalibrasyon gazlarında lider firmaların ürünlerini Türkiye'ye kazandırdık.

We are committed to ongoing investment in research and development.  Having funded ground-breaking work over several decades, we have earned an unmatched reputation within our highly specialised sector.

In addition to our new product development programme, we also invest in our customer and partner relationships, providing service, technical and operational support.