Faced with a vast array of different models shapes and sizes the professional needs a universal tool. Compatible with an astonishingly wide range of detectors, the colour-coded heads of the Solo 200 rotate to provide a combination of sizes and settings for just about every detector.

  • Optimum strength to weight ratio
  • Minimum possible whip or bend at height
  • Designed certified non-conductive
  • Available in one, two or four telescopic sections
  • Simple locking mechanism and easy to use
  • Outstanding quality backed by lifetime warranty

The Solo 100 Access Pole offers safe access to detectors installed at heights of up to 6 metres. The pole ensures fire alarm technicians are fully compliant with Safe Working at Height Regulations 2005.

Key features include:

Extends to 4.50 metres to provide maximum reach of 6 metres Can be used with up to 3 Solo 101 extension poles Product Code: Solo 100-001

DTFSGPS100 – Solo 100 – Fibreglass 4 Section Telescopic Pole – 4.5 metres, Reach of 6 metres including height of man

DTFSGPS108 – Solo 108 – Fibreglass 2 Section Telescopic Pole 2.2 metres, Reach of 4 metres including height of man

DTFSGPS101 – Solo 101 – Fibreglass Extension Pole – 1.13metres, Reach of 2.5 metres including height of man

DTFSGBS602 – Solo 602 – Pole Bag

  • Pull-wound glass fibre construction
  • Designed certified non-conductive
  • One, two and four section versions available
  • Maximum reach of 9 metres
  • Optimum strength-to-weight ratio
  • Simple locking mechanism
  • Lifetime warranty

Access poles save time, cost and disruption and reduce the risk and disruption posed by other access equipment such as towers and ladders. Solo access poles are the only poles designed and approved for use with the Solo, Testifire and Trutest product ranges.The value of these access poles over 'other poles' is not just the quality of their design and manufacture. It becomes evident when they are required on a daily basis and / or are used at great heights. Pull-wound glass fibre construction provides non conductivity with an optimum strength to weight ratio and high tolerance manufacture ensures minimum possible whip or bend at height relative to weight and cost. This, coupled with the simple locking mechanism of the telescopic sections means that these access poles combine ease of use with design and manufacturing excellence.

Read these instructions carefully and use only as directed.

WARNING: Never allow an extended pole section to collapse uncontrolled. Risk of injury and equipment damage.
CAUTION: It is recommended that Solo poles are inspected before and after use and if any signs of damage, abnormal wear or modification are found, the poles should not be used.

WARNING: Do not create trip hazards by leaving poles unattended in public spaces and avoid leaving poles extended when not in use (against walls, across desks etc.). Risk of injury and equipment damage.

WARNING: Solo poles are not specified for use in high voltage areas. Risk of injury and equipment damage.

WARNING: When working at height it is recommended that a competent person carries out a suitable risk assessment. This will identify any risk to the user and/or the environment, or other safety measures, and hence any need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

WARNING: Do not use Solo poles if unable to control their use properly e.g. when fatigued. Risk of injury and equipment damage


Using Solo Poles Solo poles should always be held vertically when raising or lowering. Ensure that all extension poles and test tool buttons are locked into position before extension and use. 

When using Solo 101 extension poles in conjunction with telescopic poles (Solo 100 or 108), the telescopic pole should be at the shortest length, i.e. not extended, before attaching or removing the Solo 101 extension pole(s) or tool. No more than 3 x Solo 101 extension poles should be used at the same time (see General Recommendations for height & angle advice).

When lowering, always hold in the vertical. Lower telescopic sections first, before removing Solo 101 extensions.When lowering telescopic poles, rest the base of the pole on the floor and depress the locking button, while lowering the upper sections with the other hand

Tips to prevent user fatigue

TIP 1: Stand with one foot half a stride ahead of the other to increase balance and reduce strain.

TIP 2: Where possible, share testing workload with others.

TIP 3: Alternate using the poles between the left and right hand side of the body.

TIP 4: Take regular breaks.

Use with Testifire 25 Remote Control

WARNING: Use of the Testifire 25 Remote Control in conjunction with any of the Solo poles requires the user to momentarily release one hand from the pole to activate the remote control.

Extra care should be taken when doing this.

Read the Testifire 25 User Manual prior to use

General Recommendations

The maximum working height using Solo poles is 9 metres for Solo and Testifire.This is achieved using 1 x Solo 100 telescopic pole and a maximum of 3 x Solo 101 extension poles. It is recommended to stand directly under the detector (pole vertical), when a maximum reach of 9m can be obtained. If vertical working is not possible, do not exceed 6m reach and stand no more than 1.5m away from a point directly beneath the detector.

Trutest should always be used in the vertical position and at heights of no more than 6m, using a maximum of only 1 x Solo 101 extension pole with Solo 100.

Storage and Maintenance

Solo poles which are not in use should always be returned to protective storage bag (Solo 602).

Solo poles can be wiped clean using a damp cloth. Only mild detergents or water may be used.

Solo poles are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Accidental damage or user modification will invalidate this warranty.

Disposal  (End of Life Statement)

Solo poles are manufactured from fibreglass (GRP) and are classified as Non-Hazardous Waste and can be disposed of at municipal or industrial landfill when in compliance with local regulations.

DO NOT burn, incinerate, or cut into pieces. Dispose as a whole


Solo 100 Datasheet

Solo 100 Manual

Solo 100 Brochure

Solo General Catalogue

Solo Products Ranger

Solo 100 Products Safety Manual

Electrical Specification
Conductivity Dielectric 20KV
Application Fire Alarm Detector Test Equipment Extension Pol
Made In England
Colour Red
Durability Fiber Glass
Warranty Lifetime
Certificates BS EN 61235
Chemical Features
Mixtures fibreglass (GRP)
Flammable Noneflamable
Dimension 4500mm Lenght
Weight 800gr

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Solo 100 Telescopic Access Pole 4.5 meter

  • Brands Solo Noclimb
  • Product Code: Solo 100-001
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