Solo 372-001 No Climb Aspirating Smoke Detection Adaptor for Solo 365

Following its successful launch at this year’s Firex International, Solo 365 has received plenty of early praise from those quick to take advantage of the new tester and the benefits it offers. There’s now even more to Solo 365 – the ability to functionally test ASD systems!  This exciting development is made possible through a specialist adaptor which is fitted to Solo 365 in place of the standard clear cup. With the adaptor fitted and the ‘Delayed Start’ mode selected – Solo 365 can then be raised to the aspirating pipe, it slim-line and light design making it easy to align with a sampling hole.  Smoke is then automatically generated and drawn through the pipe – activating the alarm and providing a functional test of the system.

The availability of the new adaptor puts the ability to test standard point type smoke detectors and ASD systems into one portable tester – for the first time. This not only leads to a more professional approach to maintenance, but also offers a simpler and cleaner solution witch can enable faster testing at a reduced cost. 

Faster, Simpler, Convenienttesting of ASD systems com Using Solo 365 to test aspirating detector test points is easy: Simply replace the clear test cup with the new exclusive ASD Adaptor and use the ‘Delayed Start Mode’ to allow smoke to be directed into an accessible sampling hole along the pipe run. Testing an ASD System The ASD Adaptor is an optional extra available from your usual distributor; it is easily fitted to Solo 365 following the instructions below:

• With the Solo 365 facing you, remove the cup by aligning the notch on the left hand side arm and disengage by squeezing the cup and gently pulling the arm outwards

• Rotate the cup to free it from the other arm

• Fit the ASD adaptor by locating into both arms

• Power Solo 365 on

• Select the ‘Delayed Start Mode’ by pressing the ‘function button’ – the status LEDs will flash orange

• Raise Solo 365 over the sampling hole on the aspirating pipe to carry out the test

• Smoke will automatically be generated indicated by the status LEDs flashing blue

Solo 365 Smoke Detector Tester Dispenser Unit Download Files

Solo 365 ASD Testing ManualTechnical information pdf 

Solo 365 Aerosol Smoke Detector Tester Kit Dispenser Unit  Brochure 

Solo 365 Aerosol Smoke Detector Technical Guide

Solo 365 Test Kit  Aerosol Smoke Dispenser Unit Technical Document

Solo 365 Smoke Detector Test Kit  Manual

Solo 365  Aerosol Smoke Dispenser General Catalogue Unit Kit

Solo 365  Aerosol Smoke Dispenser General Catalogue Datasheet

Solo E3 smoke cartridge Manual Technical information pdf datasheet

Electrical Specification
Operation Temperature +5°C to 45°C (+41°F to 113°F)
Functions - Colour coded LED user information. - Proximity sensor starts test. - Suitable for detectors up to 110mm diameter. - 5 seconds of stimulus, 5 seconds off repeat cycles. - Battery over current cut out. - Over temperature cut out. - 2 minutes maximum duration time-out. - Auto power off after 10 minutes.
Conductivity None conductive
Application ASD Aspiration Smoke Detector Tester
Made In England
Warranty Lifetime
Certificates UL, CE
Dimension 110x30mm
Weight 40gr

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Solo 372-001 No climb ASD Adaptor For Solo 365

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