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Testifire allows for simple, compliant functional testing of fire detectors. Suitable for smoke, heat and CO testing it increases productivity on site and is the world’s leading solution for compliant testing of multi-sensor detectors.

Testifire is the world's first 3-in-1 detector tester with optional communications module and audit trail facility. Its design enables fast and efficient testing of Smoke, Heat or CO fire detectors and, with the ability to test with these stimuli sequentially or simultaneously, it is also the perfect tool for testing multi-sensor detectors. Smoke, Head and CO stimuli are all created in the single unit that is Testifire. There are no pressurized canisters of gas and stimuli are generated as required using processes fueled by replaceable capsules. Testifire is the result of several years of technological development and since launch, has continued to develop in response both to market feedback and new materials and technologies. By far the most advanced tester available, Testifire is UL certified and approved by leading detector manufacturers from around the world. 

Testing with Testifire aids compliance with codes and standards globally. "The detectors shall be tested in place to ensure smoke entry into the sensing chamber and alarm response" NFPA 72 2002 Table 7-2.2 (Test Methods) 13.g.1 "Each smoke detector shall be tested for operation by introducing smoke or simulated smoke to the detecting chamber in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions" CAN/ULC
Overall significant time savings and productivity enhancements though: - deployment of latest-technology  stimuli generation and delivery - replacement of multiple tools  with a single tester  - dramatic reduction in detector  and system resent times through  use of clearing mode • Substantial reduction in test times though combined stimuli deployment on multi-sensor detectors • Unique ability to activate detectors using complex interdependent sensor algorithm


Supports faster testing with no need to switch between tools.


Suits the widest range of detectors – including single and multi-sensors.


Certified by UL and approved by leading detector manufacturers.

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Testifire is designed for fire maintenance professionals who are focussed on ultimate efficiency. Testifire increases productivity on site and offers a huge range of unique benefits:

One tool for testing smoke, heat and CO allows testing of any detector regardless of type.
Quicker testing
Saves time and inconvenience with no need to switch between test tools.
No re-alarms
Built-in ‘clearing’ mode prevents re-alarms minimising disruption and saving time.
Easy Storage & Transportation
Non-hazardous, non-pressurised capsules, allows for easier storage and transportation.
On-demand smoke
Less wasted smoke and no risk of detector contamination.
Tests multiple stimulus in sequence, simultaneously or sequentially – whatever is required by the fire system.

Status LEDs
Provide visual confirmation of test and unit status
User Interface
Enables simple programming of test type and sequence
Clear Cup & Vent
Allows clear sight of the detector & rapid clearing after testing
Removable Cup
Allows testing of larger, dome shaped detectors.

On-Demand Stimulus
Smoke, Heat or CO generated automatically once the detector enters the cup
Cross Air Technology
Heat is forced into a beam and applied directly to the sensor, supporting faster testing of heat sensors up to 100°C
Adjustable Handle
Supports easy testing from angles
Battery Powered
Uses existing Solo battery batons connected to Solo access poles

Electrical Specification
Operation Temperature +5ºC to +45ºC (41ºF to 113ºF).
Batarey Capacity Solo 727 (90min charging time)
Functions Smoke: a simulated smoke generated internally using a miniature heat exchanger and a harmless liquid from the smoke capsule. Normal Heat: to test rate-of-rise and fixed temperature heat detectors up to 90ºC (194ºF). Hi Heat: to test rate-of-rise and fixed temperature heat detectors up to 100ºC (212ºF). Clearing: clean air is blown to remove previously applied smoke. Simultaneous Testing: Smoke or Heat in any combination as programmed by the user are all carried out in one test. Sequential Testing: Tests are performed according to the order that they have been programmed by the user. Optical / photoelectric and ionisation smoke detectors. Thermal sensors (fixed temperature or rate-of-rise). Multi-sensors or multi-criteria detectors. Conventional, addressable or analogue addressable detectors of any of the above types
Power-watt Smoke Testing : 0.5A Heat Testing : 4-6A
Certificates IEC60529 , IP20, CE
Humidity 0 to 90% RH
Dimension Height:224mm Width:153 (include Handle: 397mm)
Weight 1140gr withouth battery (Battery 500gr)

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Testifire 1000 Smoke/Heat Detector Tester - Head Unit

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