Solo 365 Aerosol Smoke Detector Dispenser Unit Tester Kit


• Quicker movement around site

• Faster testing of detectors

• Test hard-to-access detectors easily

Simpler • 15% lighter than Solo 330 – easy movement around site

• Slim-line design – allows easy access to hard-to-access detectors

• Auto LED torch – for simple testing in dark environments


• Clearing mode – prevents re-alarms

• On-demand smoke – less wastage and risk of contamination

• Non-pressurised cartridge –

no propellant that contributes to global warming

Building on the qualities within the Solo brand Solo 365 is designed and built to withstand the demands of regular use – offering unrivalled benefits to users every day.

Every Day Use

• Engineered for frequent, every day use

• Compatible with Solo access poles

• User replaceable consumables (no service requirement)

• Easier handling – 15%


Eliminates risk of contamination

• Easy handling, storage & transportation

• Complies with latest regulations

• Controlled delivery via cartridges

Key features

 ‘Auto-start’ - proximity sensor automatically initiates test

• ‘Delayed start’ mode - for non-standard detectors and ASD testing

• Flexible head - easy testing of hard-toaccess detectors

• LED Auto-torch - for testing in dark areas

• Clearing mode – for eliminating re-alarms

Smoke Detector Testing

Requirements for testing of smoke detectors vary by country, the common need is for a functional test where smoke, or simulated smoke, is introduced through the vents of the detector to the sensor.Functional testing is required by all national standards around the world, including BS: 5839, DIN 14675 and NFPA 72. A functional test should be carried out using an appropriate test tool which is designed for purpose and will cause no damage to the detector under test.This new method of smoke generation takes the Solo brand to the next level. Solo 365 generates smoke on-demand via non-pressurised smoke cartridges – it’s lighter to use, quicker to test and suitable for more applications.On-demand smoke – faster testing, less wastage, eliminates risk of contamination 15% lighter than Solo 330 – supports easy movement around site Slim-line design – allows easy access to hard-to-access detectors Auto LED torch – for simple testing in dark environments Clearing mode – prevents re-alarms Non-pressurised cartridge – easy storage & transportation  Detector manufacturer approved There are now two products within the Solo range that allow functional testing of smoke detectors – both of which are approved by leading detector manufacturers:

As market leaders with 30+ years’ experience, we understand the need for reliable test solutions that keep track with technological developments – without compromising on the standards set by existing solutions.

Solo 365 is true to this belief – it’s lighter to use, quicker to test, suitable for more applications and almost impossible to over-apply – eliminating the risk of detector contamination.

This new method of smoke generation takes Solo – the industry’s most trusted brand – to the next level. Solo 365 offers everything the industry expects from the Solo brand, pairing it with the very latest technology and wrapping it in a new modern slim-line design and incorporates non-hazardous, non-pressurised cartridges.

A new innovation for functional testing of smoke detectors.

The year 2017 will be a huge year for the Solo range with some exciting new products due for launch. The first of which is Solo 365 – a completely new tester offering the ultimate test experience in terms of speed,  handling and features.

 The functional testing of fire detectors is not only required by codes and standards, but is also the requirement of detector manufacturers.  

For most, the system of choice for carrying out this testing is Solo – for 20 years the industry’s most popular range of detector test equipment, offering solutions for smoke, heat and CO testing and used world-wide by thousands of customers on millions of sites.

Offering the reliability and quality required when testing fire systems, Solo has the approval of leading detector manufacturers – confirming it is compatible and safe to use on the widest range of detectors.

 Faster testing

Solo 365 is built to withstand the demands of regular everyday use, but at the same time offer maximum performance to those who rely on it every working day. A proximity sensor within the test cup allows for instant generation of clean, residue-free smoke via cartridges as soon as Solo 365 is placed over a detector. This not only allows faster testing – but also ensures minimal smoke wastage and eliminates repeat alarms which are sometimes caused by over application.

If required, a clearing mode within Solo 365 provides further support to eliminate repeat alarms. This feature is ideal for detectors and environments where smoke may linger longer and helps ensure faster movement between detectors.

Simpler testing

Products from the Solo range are renowned for their ease of use. The research put into their design has resulted in simple, yet hugely effective solutions. Solo 365 follows this tradition, managing to include new technology without complicating the design or user experience. 

Its slim-line design is perfect for use in tight spaces, easily fitting between gaps to reach detectors behind pipes, ceiling voids and other obstructions. The unit itself is light in weight, (15% lighter than the traditional Solo 330 dispenser), supporting easy mobility around site and when carrying out testing.

Solo 365 also tackles a problem commonly reported by fire engineers testing in dark, confined spaces. An auto-LED automatically illuminates upwards when light levels drop, allowing for easier location of detectors and rapid alignment between the detector and tester.

Cleaner testing

The over-application of smoke when testing can lead to detector contamination – resulting in nuisance re-alarms or, in the worst case, failure to alarm. With smoke generation starting and stopping soon after the detector enters and exits the cup, it is almost impossible to over apply smoke – protecting the detector, the test tool and the environment of the site being tested. Solo 365 smoke does not contain any propellant that contributes to global warming and is not affected by the (F-gas/SNAP/HFC) regulations coming into force January 2018 affecting some aerosol smoke testers – including Solo A3.

Set for launch in Spring, Solo 365 will be joined by another new addition to the Solo range – Solo A10. Solo A10 joins Solo A5 as a regulation compliant aerosol for use with the Solo 330 dispenser. Solo A10 is a non-flammable replacement for Solo A3 (which uses HFC 134a) with Solo A5 offering an additional choice.

Final development of Solo 365 included comprehensive testing with both fire maintenance engineers and detector manufacturers. The feedback was extremely encouraging, with 90% of those who responded giving the product at least 4 out of 5 for intuitive use.

“It’s a really exciting time for the company, in particular the Solo product range.” Commented John Meech, Product Manager at Detectortesters. “Solo has been established world-wide for over twenty years, these latest additions allow us to continue to offer real choice to customers and mark the launch of the next generation of Solo products.”

More  testMore detectionMore places

Solo 365 generates smoke ondemand,

without the need for pressurised aerosols:

• Faster detector activation

• Eliminates repeat alarms

• Minimal smoke wastage

Smoke detector designs are changing

which can make them hard to test with

traditional test solutions. Solo 365 solves this:

• Compatible with all smoke detectors

• Approved by world-leading detector manufacturers

• Slim-line design allows testing of hard-to-access detectors

Solo 365 is suitable for testing in a wide range of sites due to:

• A flexible, slim design for access to tight spaces

• Improved low temperature performance

• Auto LED for testing in dark areas

• Suitability for ASD system testing

Engineered to be compatible with the increasing number of sophisticated  detectors now available, Solo 365 also overcomes the regulatory issues associated with pressurised aerosol canisters. 

Solo 365 Smoke Detector Tester Dispenser Unit Download Files

Solo 365 Aerosol Smoke Detector Tester Kit Dispenser Unit  Brochure 

Solo 365 Aerosol Smoke Detector Technical Guide

Solo 365 Test Kit  Aerosol Smoke Dispenser Unit Technical Document

Solo 365 Smoke Detector Test Kit  Manual

Solo 365  Aerosol Smoke Dispenser General Catalogue Unit Kit

Solo 365  Aerosol Smoke Dispenser General Catalogue Datasheet

Solo E3 smoke cartridge Manual Technical information pdf datasheet

Solo 365 ASD Testing ManualTechnical information pdf 

Electrical Specification
Operation Temperature +5°C to 45°C (+41°F to 113°F)
Batarey Capacity 2 hours
Functions - Colour coded LED user information. - Proximity sensor starts test. - Suitable for detectors up to 110mm diameter. - 5 seconds of stimulus, 5 seconds off repeat cycles. - Battery over current cut out. - Over temperature cut out. - 2 minutes maximum duration time-out. - Auto power off after 10 minutes.
Power-watt Lithium Ion battery pack nominal 3.63V 9.5Wh, with USB charger connection
Conductivity None conductive
Application Smoke, CO, LPG detector Test dispenser
Made In England
Warranty Lifetime
Certificates UL, CE
Dimension Include Handle :420x190x110 ----- Excluding handle :295mmX190mmX110mm ----- Carton dimension: 130mmX525mmX230mm
Weight 860gr

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